Watch Premiere of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band Concert

Watch Full Set Premiere of Riccardo Grosso Blues Band

Click below to watch the premiere of the full set of the band…the premiere starts on November 12th at 8:30pm Central Europe Time Zone.

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2020 New Album On The Way

2020 New Album On The Way

After the new team-up with Flavio, Cocco and Federico and working the music the old way and with the old school in the heart (performing live and trying to do better at every chance – working behind the scene with rehearsal and idea exchanging) – Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is now mixing a new live album.


It was multitrack recorded on July 2019 at Seravezza Blues Festival and thanks to Giovanni Grasso and the guys of the team that we can’t thank enough – we had the recordings and sent the steams to Bill Roberts, an old school engineer from U.S.A who worked with some top names and mastered “21.12 – live at Teatro Del Pane”.



“Why another live album?”, you may ask.


I feel like it’s needed to comunicate what we are now, who these musicians are and what it means in matter of overall sound. The material was good and reflect a honest performance of what we were becoming and it captures us live, without any filter and it says…’ok, from now that’s what it’s coming’…” answers Riccardo.


The album is coming out at the beginning of 2020 and will be ready for the Austrian Bluesharp Meeting in April for sure…

Sat 18 April, 2020: headliner at Austrian Bluesharp Meeting

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band will be the headliner on Saturday April 18th, 2020 at the 6th Austrian Bluesharp Meeting organizied by Reynhard H. Boegl – wonderful harmonica player and teacher from Austria – and sponsored by Seydel Harmonicas.


The other two acts are just wonderful: Reynhard H. Boegl in his solo act and J.J. Appleton who published two album with Jason Ricci and for this event he will be playing with our friend Manlio Milazzi on harmonica, it’s gonna be fun.


Get more info and your ticket at


Riccardo Grosso ? vocals & harmonica

Flavio Paludetti ? guitar

Cocco Marinoni ? bass

Federico Patarnello ? drums

Sat 16th November, 2019: Blues Moods International Festival – Slovakia

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band will perform in Trnava, Slovakia for the 10th Blues Moods International Festival.

They’ll be on stage on Saturday 16th November along with other national and international Blues artists!


Additional info at – the official website of the event.


Riccardo Grosso – vocals & harmonica

Flavio Paludetti – guitar

Cocco Marinoni – bass

Federico Patarnello – drums