Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is led by harmonica extraordinaire and passional vocalist Riccardo Grosso. The international press and legendary artists such as Canned Heat, Charlie Musselwhite, Blues Brothers Band (who wanted him on stage on their 2019 new year’s eve concert in Italy) consider Grosso “an innovator while respecting the Blues music traditions”.

His partnership with Flavio Paludetti, guitar-ace whose influences are rooted in the three Kings with a modern and contemporary approach, vibrates the Blues with the Butterfield/Bloomfield’s attitude and Ford Brothers’ approach, making this band one of the best Blues Bands in the whole Old Continent.

Experience a unique show that take-no-prisoners where energy, groove and charisma turn the casual listener into a hardcore Blues fan and drives Blues fans crazy to see a band that is making the Blues flame burning higher and hotter than ever!

With hundred of shows under their belt and a sound that’s vibrant, Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is what you want to hear and see because they make no compromise and they are playing the Blues for you “straight from the heart”.