We just got the communication from Austrian Bluesharp Festival’s organizers that they can’t held the festival this year. That’s due to poor ticket sales and poor economy.

Times are hard and if a festival is obliged to cancel due to lack of affluence it could mean few things:

  1. People are not interested anymore to the Blues music (or at least not enough to make it profitable)
  2. The program for this year wasn’t so interesting (and we are part of that, so we are not point fingers to anyone)
  3. Something was wrong along the line of organization (but that’s not our job to figure it out)

We are just trying to figure out, not making a case against anyone. We are just trying to figure out a situation that nobody would see to happen. Ever.

Anyway if you had bought your tickets, contact the organizers at their website for refunding.

See you on the road, anyway…