Dear friends, old fans and new ones!

We had a blast as band to be back on the road again: something like 1500kms we drove to come to your town (or a town near you) to bring the best Blues we can possibily play. 20 hours of sleeping in 5 days and a lot of laughters, energy and awesome people we had the chance to meet.

The calendar went like this:

August 2nd we played at Charlie’s Bar in Umag, first gig. Rusty to be brushed away but after the first two songs we started to see folks enjoying it, offering us beers and some strange liquors with flames on (who are we to say “no”? Just say “YES”!) and a wonderful place that hosted us for the night and the morning. It was so cool speaking dialect with Marja that Croatian gentle soul who welcomed us. Next day we had the time for a little dive in the Croatian sea in Umag, but we stopped for some awesome lunch first.

Cevapcici sandwich that was unbeatable. Very good beers. The perfect cozy restaurant to chill out a little.


That night we were expected in the Piran, Slovenia, square at Cafè Teater. What a scene! We hadn’t the time to finish the sound-check after a couple of Margaritas on the sea, that we noticed the crowd that stopped to listen to us! And when the concert starts there was few hundred people there, enjoying music, dancing, drinking and screaming at us (good words, not cursing haha).



After the seaside treatment, we moved to the mountains. On August 4th we were playing in Tualis, Carnia area of Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. A small village that filled us with some special Frico, a speciality of that area, and very good wines, homemade honey grappa and made us really really happy. After the show we spent few hours doing some kind of DJ set with Blues, Soul, Funk music selection. Talking about multi-tasking here, fellows.

In Cormons, near Slovenian border but still in Italy, the night after we had not the time to load-in: they gave us beers and fried fish as soon as we stepped down from the van. If that wasn’t a good start I don’t know what it is. That night we teared the roof down with music, we were on the flood and let the music happen. Everybody was stunned by the sound and we, I have to admit it, were glad about it. We want to do great for you to enjoy. It’s not about us, it’s about you!

Closing this leg of the tour we performed in San Donà di Piave, near the Veneto seaside. The only downside of this date is that it started to raining at the second-last song, “Up The Line”. We hoped to be able to perform “Shake Your Hips” being it the closing number, but hey…you can’t control the weather. Seeing the hundreds of people stopped there, with children dancing, mums enjoying it and fathers looking at us with fun in their eyes was satisfying. Seeing the girls, the eledery and all the rest of you clapping hands, having fun and digging the music was an honor.




So we are coming back to perform on August 26th and 27th in Chur and Trento. Check the shows page for more info.