Izola, in Slovenia, and Bresc, in Croatia, are going to be the town hosting our comeback after the pandemic stop we all experienced.


Slovenia and Croatia has always been very welcoming to the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band and this time we have some new cards in our deck to surprise you with.

First of all we have some new songs for you, one you may have heard and seen before floating around the web since they quarantined us. It’s a song by one of my heroes (Riccardo is writing here) – Tom Waits – and it’s titled “Til The Money Runs Out” where we had fun to push it into the Howlin’ Wolf area as much as possible…

And second, we are going to have two new members in our team: Marzio Tomada on bass (and maybe upright bass too, who knows?) and Cristian Cecchetto on drums.

If you come to see us I promise you are going to love them.

Mark the dates, then:

July 24th – Friday: Hangar Bar, Izola, SLO
July 25h – Saturday: Jerry Ricks Blues Festival, Bresc, HR


And in the meantime, enjoy this tune… 😉