From August 2022 we are slowly but steady coming back on the road to perform live. As you know we love you perform for you: anywhere and with a quality level above a threshold. One of Riccardo’s main trait is not to be in need of spotlight at all costs. That’s something that is shared in the band where the Music, the Blues, is the protagonist.

As Luther Allison said: “Leave your ego, play the music, love the people”. We love to see you all happy because of the music, where are there for YOU, trying to healing your soul having you diving into a good time. While all this happen, let us enjoying the good time too (something we actually DO when performing).

So, on the map, now, we have Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark and more offers are coming in, so as soon as we book something, we update the show calendar that you can find here.

One of the great news about coming back on the road and seeing your smiling faces is Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has now working with the booking agency “JH Blues Vibrations“, for the booking in Germany and Switzerland they are the people to talk to. You are going to deal with professionals and real Blues music lovers.

“While writing this I’ve answered a call by a guy I’ve met on the road asking me: ‘when are you coming back to play in town?‘. I’m dealing with these requests on regulalr basis. The answer I give is more or less the same: ‘if you know some place that would host us, let me know. If you know some festival that would host us, let me know. I’m contacting them or you can be the middleman”. Or you can contact our new booking agency too, if you are in Germany or Switzerland: JH Blues Vibrations. Check about this on our contact page.

We love to be asked about “coming to your town”. We try to make it happen from Italy, we are going to be there soon.” – RG


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