“that’s tremendous!”
chaRlie musselwhite


“…real strokes of genius…”
Roots Time (BE)


Blues Matters (UK)


It’s kinda hard to believe that from small urban town in Italy, where life runs on wheels and there’s no time to think enough about music and its influence, it’s the place where this project was born.

If music is about to pay personal due to it, Blues takes more discipline and toughness to be discovered, played properly and make it sounding to connect new and old generation with cutting edge sound and very well picked songs, original ones or not.

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is there, in between the new generation crowd needing to listen to some Blues as kicking as possible and the Blues aficionados who are still looking for a sound and for people who pay respect to the Master, with their influence, not playing the overdone standards over and over again.

And worked hard to do it.

Think about the people Riccardo and Flavio Paludetti – the other soloist on lead and rhythm guitar – as musicians shared the stage with and learnt from: Johnny Sansone, John Fohl – of Dr.John’s Lower 911 fame – RJ Mischo, Sumito “Ariyo” Ariyoshi – from Billy Branch’s band – Michael Coleman, Eddy Taylor Jr., Lurrie Bell.

With festivals and selected club practically all-around Europe under their belt, recordings on rotation in radios all around the World, rave reviews from magazines (like Soulbag, JazzNMore, Bluesmagazin, Blues Matters!) and legendary artists (like Charlie Musselwhite) Riccardo Grosso Blues Band sounds nothing like and Italian coming Blues Band: they are top-notch experienced musicians delivering solid Blues sound, with a twist.

Riccardo Grosso “is a force to be reckoned with” (Adam Gussow) and so is the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band.

“Grosso’s hi level harp playing through out the whole CD is dripping with Soul and originality but always paying respect to his mentors. He never copies riffs on his harp but rather builds and expands on the Masters who came before him.” – Rob Paparozzi



Livin A Live – Track 3: “She’s Tuff”
she's tuff

“She’s Tuff” has been a personal Riccardo’s favourite since he listened to the tune played by The Fabulous Thunderbirds in their “Portfolio” greatest hits album. That laugh at the end…

All was going pretty good, until…

…covid 19 stroke us.   We all been hit hard by this pandemic virus they introduced us to, in the last weeks. It’s been under the radar, nobody expected it…

2020 is a hot year for shows!
new shows

You’d better check our shows calendar, we are adding more and more every week and we hope it stays like that forever, to be honest!   We just confirmed new…

Just Announced: Blues Badger 2020!
blues badger

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is headliner at Blues Badger Festival on November 28th 2020. Blues Badger is a wonderful festival happening every year in L?zn?ch Tou?e? a very nice town…