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Bio in less than 50 words:

Introducing the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band, a fiery blend of tradition and innovation. Led by harmonica virtuoso Riccardo Grosso, this four-piece powerhouse delivers high-energy performances and a unique mix of traditional blues with innovative elements. Join them on an unforgettable musical journey that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Bio in less than 100 words:

The Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is a dynamic four-piece combo, led by harmonica virtuoso Riccardo Grosso. With a relentless pursuit of their unique sound, they blend traditional blues with innovative elements, drawing inspiration from blues legends like Paul Butterfield and Charlie Musselwhite. Their captivating live performances and three albums, including “Right Now” and “The Road And The Room,” have earned them acclaim from international press and legendary artists. The band’s fiery energy, led by Riccardo and guitarist Flavio Paludetti, leaves a lasting impression on stages across Europe. Join them on their exhilarating blues journey.

Full Bio:

Since its inception in 2007, the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has been on a relentless quest to find their own voice and style within the realm of Blues music. Led by harmonica virtuoso and charismatic vocalist, Riccardo Grosso, the band has undergone several lineup changes, evolving into a four-piece powerhouse that delivers unforgettable performances brimming with high energy and exceptional quality.

With a deep reverence for the masters of the genre, the band refuses to be mere copycats. Instead, they strive to create a unique blend of traditional Blues infused with innovative elements. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite, the Ford Brothers, and even the eclectic sounds of Tom Waits, they embark on a mission to deliver a Blues soundtrack that resonates with the essence of every soul.

At the helm of the band, Riccardo Grosso stands as a harmonica virtuoso and passionate vocalist, revered by both critics and fellow artists. His journey has taken him from living in New Orleans to collaborating with legends such as Charlie Musselwhite and performing with the renowned Blues Brothers Band. In addition, he has gained recognition as a highly sought-after harmonica teacher, attracting students from across Europe and the United States.

To date, the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has released three remarkable albums. Their debut studio album, “Right Now” (2014), features predominantly original material, showcasing the band’s songwriting prowess. “21.12” is a captivating live album, capturing the band’s electrifying performances, including a selection of songs from their live repertoire and captivating covers. “The Road And The Room” serves as a pivotal milestone, showcasing the band’s evolution through a blend of live and studio recordings, with a standout solo tribute to the late Sonny Boy Williamson II.

When the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band takes the stage, they leave no prisoners. The explosive energy generated by Riccardo and the exceptional guitar skills of Flavio Paludetti combine to create an undeniable force that engulfs audiences. Their captivating live performances have taken them across Europe, from intimate bars to prestigious festivals, leaving an indelible mark on every stage they grace.

The band’s undeniable talent has garnered widespread acclaim from international press and revered artists alike. Legends such as Canned Heat, Blues Brothers Band, and Charlie Musselwhite have praised their prowess and acknowledged them as a force to be reckoned with.

As the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band continues to leave their mark on the Blues scene, they invite you to join them on their exhilarating musical journey. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that pays homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of what Blues can be.

Line Up:

Riccardo Grosso – vocals & harmonica
Flavio Paludetti – guitar
Massimo Fantinelli – bass
Carmine Bloisi – drums


Right Now

2014 – Self published

  1. Bunch Of Stuff (Grosso)
  2. Dog Me Down (Grosso)
  3. Just Your Breath (Grosso)
  4. Walk Away From Me (Grosso)
  5. The Tiki Bar Is Open (Hiatt)
  6. Kick The Cop (Grosso)
  7. N.W.O. (Grosso)
  8. High Water (Grosso)
  9. Feel It In Your Heart (Musselwhite)
  10. High Water (Grosso)

21.12 – live at Teatro Del Pane

2015 – Self published

  1. I Can’t Win (Wilson)
  2. A Ton Of Money (Estrin)
  3. Dog Me Down (Grosso)
  4. Church Is Out (Musselwhite)
  5. Same Thing (Dixon)
  6. Tenth Avenue Tango (Ford)
  7. Nadine (Berry)
  8. Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Waits)
  9. N.W.O. (Grosso)
  10. Mellow Down Easy (Dixon)
  11. Walk Away From Me (Grosso

The Road And The Room

2021 – Self published

  1. Double Trouble (Rush)
  2. Nadine (Berry)
  3. Feel It In Your Heart (Musselwhite)
  4. She’s Tough (McCain)
  5. Mellow Down Easy (Dixon)
  6. Shake Your Hips (Moore)
  7. Fattening Frogs For Snakes (Miller)
  8. Til The Money Runs Out (Waits)

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  • I hope to be in the same show so I can listen you live – Charlie Musselwhite
  • Riccardo Grosso pays respect to the Chicago Blues masters with a hard swinging band. His harmonica varies from soulful soft tones to pile driving fever pitch, and comes straight from the heart. Bravo! – Dale Spalding from Canned Heat
  • Grosso’s hi level harp playing is dripping with Soul and originality but always paying respect to his mentors. He never copies riffs on his harp but rather builds and expands on the Masters who came before him – Rob Paparozzi From Blues Brothers
  • Riccardo must be considered definitely a pro…he scared ME – Adam Gussow
  • Harmonica sounds amazing! I love it! – Johnny Sansone
  • Man, your recording sounds really good. I hope it does well for you because it really should! Bravo!!! – Charlie Musselwhite
  • The Road and the Room by the RG Blues Band is already the next milestone in the history of this top Italian blues band… – Eric Schuurmans – Rootstime (Belgium)
  • Everywhere his harmonica is brilliant, with a phrasing of its own and an ability to innovate while respecting the classics – Christophe Mourot – Soulbag (France)
  • …the group has an undeniable strength, a powerful attitude and a firm conviction, something listeners will realize from the first notes… – Vicente Zumel – La Ahora Del Blues (Spain)
  • Grosso gives us only finely interpreted Blues… – Marco Piazzalonga – Jazz N More (Switzerland)
  • As for me, I just want as many people as possible to hear and get this album (The Road And The Room), which you just have to have in your collections. – Mladen Loncar – Soundguardian (Croatia)
  • Fantastic atmospheres! – Blues Online (Poland)
  • A fine Italian quartet with impeccable credentials – Blues Matters (United Kingdom)
  • A premier international group – Fred Delforge – Zicazine & Bluesfrance President (France)
  • Convincing and fascinating – Wasser Prawda (Poland)

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has been touring throughout whole Europe, pratically: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain. The band has been seen in several festivals such as Blues Au Chateau, International Ochota Blues Festival, Blues Badger, Suoni Di Marca, Chablues Festival, Bellinzona Blues Sessions, Basel Summer Blues, Harmonica Bridge Festival, Austrian Bluesharp Festival just to name few.