Riccardo Grosso and Flavio Paludetti are now a force to be reckoned with in the European continent. Since they’ve join forces in 2017 the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has hit one success after the other: forging a sound that reminescense Paul Butterfield and Ford Brothers, they seems to be unstoppable.

What makes them – and the band – stand out is the magic they are able to deliver to every single concert and the willing to improve more and more to give to the audience, may it be casual or expected, a better experience to every next concert. You would expect to see them performing in every situation, but Riccardo’s soul ain’t for sale. “We want to deliver the best in the best places, not the minimum everywhere. To do so, you got to have the right place and be there at the right time. I can’t do much for the latter, but sure I can work on what’s in my control” declares the harmonica wizard Riccardo.

And you should expect the unimaginable with this band: performing on well-picked venues and festivals (“if they aren’t appearing there’s something wrong” a fan commented) Riccardo Grosso and his Blues Band are now appearing at Bluesfasching Festival in Apolda, Germany “for the Blues carnival party” on February 18th, and at Dos Amigos in Oberbuchsiten, Switzerland, the day before.

With more shows on the calendar that are getting more and more every week, you can see them live in these two countries next week.

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