21.12 (Live At Teatro Del Pane)


Released in 2015
Live recording



“21 12 (Live at Teatro del Pane)” by Riccardo Grosso Blues Band (as RGBand) is a live album capturing the band’s energetic performances on stage.

The album serves as a contrast to their debut release and aims to showcase their live sound and atmosphere. Featuring Andrea De Marchi on drums, standout tracks like “Church Is Out” and “Tenth Avenue Tango” highlight the band’s favorites, while “Same Thing” delivers a soulful slow blues.

The album conveys the fun and excitement shared between the band and the audience. Recorded with affordable microphones, the project unexpectedly transformed into an exhilarating live album.

The band’s message is to experience their music in person, emphasizing the importance of live shows over online platforms. “21 12 (Live at Teatro del Pane)” invites listeners to embrace the authentic thrill of live music.


Riccardo Grosso – vocals and harmonica
Stefano Pagotto – guitar
Massimo Fantinelli – bass
Andrea De Marchi – drums


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