Right Now


Released in 2014
Studio recording



“Right Now” is the debut album by the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band (as RGBand), presenting an alternative perspective on blues music.

The album features original compositions as well as covers of blues classics. Personal and autobiographical tracks (like “Dog Me Down” or “Walk Away From Me”) provide an authentic touch, while the emotional range varies from seductive to uplifting, including social commentary (“High Water” and “NWO”).

Despite facing challenges during recording (Riccardo broke his index finger into a studio door before the first take!), RGBand’s dedication shines through.

The album honors blues masters while offering a fresh interpretation. Overall, “Right Now” invites listeners to embrace a new take on blues, showcasing the band’s talent and creativity.




Riccardo Grosso – vocals and harmonica
Stefano Pagotto – guitar
Massimo Fantinelli – bass
Marco Manassero – drums

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