Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s last album has been published on November 15, 2021. Nobody was expecting a new album going through the pandemic, but Riccardo is known to always do things his own ways. One of the quotes you could relate him more comes from one of Grosso’s heroes, Tom Waits. It goes: “I would rather be a failure on my own terms than a success on someone else’s“.

After all who had time to think about music, about putting together a new album, mixing it, master it and insert a couple of gems into it, while doing all the work? Yes, this band of yours. “The Road And The Room” is like a child born under a bad moon rising. Could be trouble or could be amazing.

“The Road And The Room” is keeping on getting great feedbacks since it was published and then reviewed by Charlie Musselwhite and Rob Paparozzi. It has been played and on rotation in several radios all around the world and in different music magazines from different countries all around the Continent.

While you can get all the links to the original reviews going to the PRESS PAGE we want to list here some highlights taken from some reviews of the album and translated in English:

  • The Road And The Room works great!” – Rocknation (IT)
  • They hit you when they play…” – Roots Times (BE)
  • As for me, I just want as many people as possible to listen to and take this album, which you just need to have in your collections.” – Soundguardian (HR)
  • An amazing feeling that will go deep in the heart and spirit of every listener” – La Hora Del Blues (ES)
  • “Riccardo’s playing is savvy and intense, but never ”over the top”, his singing fervently. Finally, Flavio Paludetti has a special twist on the guitar. He does not only skilfully plays his band leader, but also knows how to solo in a varied way” – Jazz N More (CH)

From Italy to Belgium, from Spain to Switzerland and Croatia (just to cite the latest countries where they wrote a review) “The Road And The Room” sounds like something you would have in your collection. And you can have itas CD or as MP3, or both.

So, if you are intrigued by the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s latest work, you can find out more clicking HERE.