Last weekend we’ve been driving through mountain passes twice! Just to be there, to reach the people who wanted to listen to our Blues and to play for every single one of them.

On Friday we were recorded, streamed, interviewed and video-recorded with SEVEN cameras and 16 audio tracks! Just so much tech for a low tech band like us! We are plug and play and they allowed us to be just like we are bulding what was needed around us like a coat! Wonderful people and amazing technicians! Ict Atelier is just amazing, folks and you got to go there at least once! They have wonderful bands in a very classy venue and genuine people!

The route was interesting, though…and we stopped to take some pictures to this landscape that looked like Martian to us.




What could a harmonica player do during the driving break? But play his harmonica of course…


The Saturday we left Chur and turn back to the same route to be in Trento to perform one of our few gigs in Italy. The atmosphere was more Rock N Roll, like you can see on this video. And how couldn’t we dive into that? After all, there’s a Rock N Roll, Punkish, Party-Heartly spirit in yours truly, otherwise we wouldn’t be a Blues band, right?


But if you did miss the chance to see the band in action last Friday at 8.15 pm, now you can do that because the concert, almost the full concert (some tunes were cutted) is available!



We hope you will enoy on your weekend and we hope even more to see you at one of our concerts: visit the calendar page