Riccardo Grosso emerges as a visionary force in the continental blues scene, leading his band with a distinctive and groundbreaking style that diverges from the prevalent trend of imitation. Drawing inspiration from blues luminaries like Junior Wells, Charlie Musselwhite, and Paul Butterfield, the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band navigates the delicate balance of preserving authenticity while pushing the boundaries of the genre and while traversing European borders, delivers resolute performances, earning comparisons to revered acts such as the Ford Blues Band and the Butterfield Blues Band.

Recognition from both European and American press, coupled with endorsements from blues legends like Canned Heat and Charlie Musselwhite, underscores the band’s distinguished reputation.

The Riccardo Grosso Blues Band serves as a guiding light for a new wave of blues aficionados, ensuring the genre’s enduring vitality while staying true to its authentic roots. Their journey unfolds as a testament to innovation, tenacity, and an unyielding dedication to the evolution of blues music.