A Pleasant Return: I Balordi & In Taberna

Riccardo Grosso and his Blues Band are coming back in Veneto and Friuli for two unique shows…

It’s a treaty for the Blues fans and a sweet bite for who is not digging the Blues. Like Riccardo says “If you don’t like the Blues, you’ve been exposed to the wrong stuff!”

So now there is a chance to check the real good stuff from a band that is praised by Charlie Musselwhite, Dale Spalding from the legendary Canned Heat (the band who wrote “On The Road Again”!!!) and Rob Paparozzi (from the Original Blues Brothers Band), who wanted him on stage with “the Baaand” to perform “Sweet Home Chicago”.



The band is coming back to “I Balordi Delle Quattro Strade”, in San Fior (TV), near Conegliano, Riccardo’s hometown, on October 20th and is playing another show at “Osteria In Taberna” in Cormons (GO) on October 21st.

Whoever missed this band now has the chance to come and get some real grooving Blues, played like the great artists of the good old days of the Chicago Electrified Blues showed us. But don’t be no wrong: this band is not about imitation, playing it the easy way.

They are all about Music! That’s why Blues aficionados loves them, Blues curious are liking them everyday more and their Blues is always fresh, relevant and entertaining.

You don’t believe it? Just check this video out.


You better book your table at both of the venues and then get ready for the music. Put on your dancing shoes, wear a smile (and some clothes!) and come get some!

For info:

I Balordi Delle Quattro Strade Facebook Page

Osteria In Taberna Facebook Page

17th and 18th September 2022

On 17th & 18th September Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is performing two shows in Germany (Anger) and Italy (Spilimbergo). Can’t be missed.

Yes, we are back on the road and we can’t wait to play at La Marca Gioiosa, owned by Riccardo’s fellow countryman Daniele Cappello, for their re-opening after the vacation break. We love to play in clubs and everywhere there are people who want to enjoy music and have some fun with us. Showtime is at 8pm


And the day after, on September 18th yours truly are kicking the Blues around in Piazza Garibaldi, in Spilimbergo, at 6pm with a unique event where literature meets the Blues and music meets books. If it sounds interesting, just drop by and we are going to be thrilled to play for you with the sunset as roof over our heads.


See you on the road.


What a weekend!

Last weekend we’ve been driving through mountain passes twice! Just to be there, to reach the people who wanted to listen to our Blues and to play for every single one of them.

On Friday we were recorded, streamed, interviewed and video-recorded with SEVEN cameras and 16 audio tracks! Just so much tech for a low tech band like us! We are plug and play and they allowed us to be just like we are bulding what was needed around us like a coat! Wonderful people and amazing technicians! Ict Atelier is just amazing, folks and you got to go there at least once! They have wonderful bands in a very classy venue and genuine people!

The route was interesting, though…and we stopped to take some pictures to this landscape that looked like Martian to us.




What could a harmonica player do during the driving break? But play his harmonica of course…


The Saturday we left Chur and turn back to the same route to be in Trento to perform one of our few gigs in Italy. The atmosphere was more Rock N Roll, like you can see on this video. And how couldn’t we dive into that? After all, there’s a Rock N Roll, Punkish, Party-Heartly spirit in yours truly, otherwise we wouldn’t be a Blues band, right?


But if you did miss the chance to see the band in action last Friday at 8.15 pm, now you can do that because the concert, almost the full concert (some tunes were cutted) is available!



We hope you will enoy on your weekend and we hope even more to see you at one of our concerts: visit the calendar page

It was amazing to see you all

Dear friends, old fans and new ones!

We had a blast as band to be back on the road again: something like 1500kms we drove to come to your town (or a town near you) to bring the best Blues we can possibily play. 20 hours of sleeping in 5 days and a lot of laughters, energy and awesome people we had the chance to meet.

The calendar went like this:

August 2nd we played at Charlie’s Bar in Umag, first gig. Rusty to be brushed away but after the first two songs we started to see folks enjoying it, offering us beers and some strange liquors with flames on (who are we to say “no”? Just say “YES”!) and a wonderful place that hosted us for the night and the morning. It was so cool speaking dialect with Marja that Croatian gentle soul who welcomed us. Next day we had the time for a little dive in the Croatian sea in Umag, but we stopped for some awesome lunch first.

Cevapcici sandwich that was unbeatable. Very good beers. The perfect cozy restaurant to chill out a little.


That night we were expected in the Piran, Slovenia, square at Cafè Teater. What a scene! We hadn’t the time to finish the sound-check after a couple of Margaritas on the sea, that we noticed the crowd that stopped to listen to us! And when the concert starts there was few hundred people there, enjoying music, dancing, drinking and screaming at us (good words, not cursing haha).



After the seaside treatment, we moved to the mountains. On August 4th we were playing in Tualis, Carnia area of Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. A small village that filled us with some special Frico, a speciality of that area, and very good wines, homemade honey grappa and made us really really happy. After the show we spent few hours doing some kind of DJ set with Blues, Soul, Funk music selection. Talking about multi-tasking here, fellows.

In Cormons, near Slovenian border but still in Italy, the night after we had not the time to load-in: they gave us beers and fried fish as soon as we stepped down from the van. If that wasn’t a good start I don’t know what it is. That night we teared the roof down with music, we were on the flood and let the music happen. Everybody was stunned by the sound and we, I have to admit it, were glad about it. We want to do great for you to enjoy. It’s not about us, it’s about you!

Closing this leg of the tour we performed in San Donà di Piave, near the Veneto seaside. The only downside of this date is that it started to raining at the second-last song, “Up The Line”. We hoped to be able to perform “Shake Your Hips” being it the closing number, but hey…you can’t control the weather. Seeing the hundreds of people stopped there, with children dancing, mums enjoying it and fathers looking at us with fun in their eyes was satisfying. Seeing the girls, the eledery and all the rest of you clapping hands, having fun and digging the music was an honor.




So we are coming back to perform on August 26th and 27th in Chur and Trento. Check the shows page for more info.

Croatia, Slovenia, Friuli & Veneto. We are coming!

Croatia, Slovenia, Friuli and Veneto. There are the areas where Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is performing next week. Five shows in a row to take you out in the real life. Meeting every single one of you and give you the BEST BLUES this band can play.

Featuring Riccardo Grosso – extraordinary harmonica player and soulful singer who is not imitating the old master, but builds from them to the actual and present sound, Flavio Paludetti – one of the best guitar players in the business, Paolo Sturiale – 30 and plus years of experience grooving on stage from USA to Europe and beyond and Manuel Pestrin – first class Blues drummer whose feeling and shades of sound will make you drool while grooving.

The band is ready to play and have fun with you, no matter you like the Blues or you are figuring it out, once you’ll hear it they’ll hook you up and you will be surrounded by groove, class, style and energy.


Here’s where you can find Riccardo Grosso Blues Band at the beginning of August.


Tue 2nd Aug 2022 – Charlie’s Bar – Umag. Croatia

Wed 3rd Aug 2022 – Cafè Teater – Piran. Slovenia

Thu 4th Aug 2022 – Tal Mieç – Tualis (UD). Friuli

Fri 5th Aug 2022 – In Taberna – Cormons (UD). Friuli

Sat 6th Aug 2022 – Sandonàsuona – San Donà di Piave (VE). Veneto (featuring Luca Colussi on drums)


A five days tour that is just the sparkle to restart the engine of your heart and have your hips shaking.

You can enjoy the tracks from the band’s last release “The Road And The Room” right from the stage and many many more!

Croatia, Slovenia, Friuli and Veneto. These are four areas going to dance to the Blues from August 2nd to 6th, 2022. Get ready and come get some.

For all the info, you may want to check with the venues directly.

on the road

On The Road! Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is back

From August 2022 we are slowly but steady coming back on the road to perform live. As you know we love you perform for you: anywhere and with a quality level above a threshold. One of Riccardo’s main trait is not to be in need of spotlight at all costs. That’s something that is shared in the band where the Music, the Blues, is the protagonist.

As Luther Allison said: “Leave your ego, play the music, love the people”. We love to see you all happy because of the music, where are there for YOU, trying to healing your soul having you diving into a good time. While all this happen, let us enjoying the good time too (something we actually DO when performing).

So, on the map, now, we have Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark and more offers are coming in, so as soon as we book something, we update the show calendar that you can find here.

One of the great news about coming back on the road and seeing your smiling faces is Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has now working with the booking agency “JH Blues Vibrations“, for the booking in Germany and Switzerland they are the people to talk to. You are going to deal with professionals and real Blues music lovers.

“While writing this I’ve answered a call by a guy I’ve met on the road asking me: ‘when are you coming back to play in town?‘. I’m dealing with these requests on regulalr basis. The answer I give is more or less the same: ‘if you know some place that would host us, let me know. If you know some festival that would host us, let me know. I’m contacting them or you can be the middleman”. Or you can contact our new booking agency too, if you are in Germany or Switzerland: JH Blues Vibrations. Check about this on our contact page.

We love to be asked about “coming to your town”. We try to make it happen from Italy, we are going to be there soon.” – RG


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And if you’d like to support the band, for real, just click here and get your copy of “The Road And The Room”


Reviews For The Road And The Room

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s last album has been published on November 15, 2021. Nobody was expecting a new album going through the pandemic, but Riccardo is known to always do things his own ways. One of the quotes you could relate him more comes from one of Grosso’s heroes, Tom Waits. It goes: “I would rather be a failure on my own terms than a success on someone else’s“.

After all who had time to think about music, about putting together a new album, mixing it, master it and insert a couple of gems into it, while doing all the work? Yes, this band of yours. “The Road And The Room” is like a child born under a bad moon rising. Could be trouble or could be amazing.

“The Road And The Room” is keeping on getting great feedbacks since it was published and then reviewed by Charlie Musselwhite and Rob Paparozzi. It has been played and on rotation in several radios all around the world and in different music magazines from different countries all around the Continent.

While you can get all the links to the original reviews going to the PRESS PAGE we want to list here some highlights taken from some reviews of the album and translated in English:

  • The Road And The Room works great!” – Rocknation (IT)
  • They hit you when they play…” – Roots Times (BE)
  • As for me, I just want as many people as possible to listen to and take this album, which you just need to have in your collections.” – Soundguardian (HR)
  • An amazing feeling that will go deep in the heart and spirit of every listener” – La Hora Del Blues (ES)
  • “Riccardo’s playing is savvy and intense, but never ”over the top”, his singing fervently. Finally, Flavio Paludetti has a special twist on the guitar. He does not only skilfully plays his band leader, but also knows how to solo in a varied way” – Jazz N More (CH)

From Italy to Belgium, from Spain to Switzerland and Croatia (just to cite the latest countries where they wrote a review) “The Road And The Room” sounds like something you would have in your collection. And you can have itas CD or as MP3, or both.

So, if you are intrigued by the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s latest work, you can find out more clicking HERE.

Rob Paparozzi Reviews “The Road And The Room”

It was with great pleasure and astonishment for the great, great words that Rob Paparozzi spent for “The Road And The Room” that I’m happy to share this review to you.

“Here you go bro, really fantastic job, 1st class and cool selection of Music… feel free to use some or all of my review…..

I just finished listening to the newest CD from The Riccardo Grosso Blues Band title “The Road and the Room”. The recording was put together very uniquely before and during the Pandemic as a labor of love for the Blues.

To start the record Grosso uses a highly energetic and soulful “live” recording of 6 Blues Tunes with original arrangements and a killer band. There is a wide eclectic variety of tunes on this LP from Willie Dixon and Slim Harpo and Sonny Boy Williamson 2 and also deeply grooved “Double Trouble” by Otis Rush which kicks the Project off. I especially loved the funky arrangement of Chuck Berry’s lesser known gem “Nadine”. Grosso’s reading of Charlie Musselwhite’s “Feel it in Your Heart” leaves you imagining your sitting in a Brazilian Blues Bar, really nice addition to this diverse CD of Blues grooves. But each tune whether it’s a nod to Kim Wilson, Jerry McCain or Little Walter has Grosso’s Original stamp on it with soulful vocals and masterful Harmonica playing. He never copies riffs on his harp but rather builds and expands on the the Masters who came before him.

Kudos to Riccardo who pulled up his sleeves and keep working hard during the Pandemic – Recording, Mixing and Producing from his home to bring his fans a new product. A real first class production. The backend of this project closes with two new recordings both Solo and with top notch band. Trust me you’ve never heard Rice Miller’s “Fattening Frogs for Snakes” done so creatively with a post pandemic message. Finally, to end with a Tom Waits song is the Perfect conclusion to a might fine project. Flavio Paludetti’s Guitar Solo on this song is superb and on the Money!

Grosso’s hi level harp playing through out the whole CD is dripping with Soul and originality but always paying respect to his mentors.

So tune in and turn on the new CD from the RG Blues Band, trust me you will NOT be disappointed!

Rob Paparozzi”



You can click on the image above to see the original email.

I’ve met Rob at SPAH Convention in St.Louis, Missouri back in 2008, we were introduced to each other by Charlie Musselwhite. We met again in 2019, after eleven years, to play “Sweet Home Chicago” with the Original Blues Brothers Band. We worked together in a nice masterclass about “Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica” on Zoom, when everybody was locked down, that I’ve organized, but honestly when a heavyweight musician spends great words like the ones you’ve been reading for the music I do, it always

Riccardo’s Interview on Greek Blues Website

Riccardo has been interviewed on Blues.gr – the Greek website about the Blues. Micheal Limnions asked few questions about Riccardo’s career, music philosphy, stories and his creative drive.

You can read the interview here: http://blues.gr/profiles/blogs/q-a-with-italian-blues-musician-riccardo-grosso


The interview has been done following the press-release about “The Road And The Room”, the new album that you can order here:



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The Road And The Room

“The Road And The Room” – new album out on December 15th

Riccardo Grosso’s “The Road And The Room” is a triple treat album for Blues lovers.



December 15th, 2021 is the release date set for “The Road And The Room” the new post-covid album by Riccardo Grosso and his Blues Band. Surviving an abruptlstop with a calendar filled with gigs all around Europe, Grosso and the band stayed silent, calm and armed themselves with patience.

But that does not mean they weren’t active: Riccardo started to dig in the audio files of the band’s live concerts tracked before the lock down and found some music and tracks that once together, made it to a live session of 6 tunes. Adding a couple of studio works, he decided it was worth publishing for Blues lovers and music aficionados.

So this is a three part CD: the first is played live with Flavio Paludetti on guitar and the former rhythm section (Cocco Marinoni on bass and Federico Patarnello on drums). This is a selection about what the band does when performing on stage: there are different grooves, atmospheres and energy all of them coming from the same live show.

Then you get as deep in the Blues as it gets, with “Fattening Frogs For Snakes” from Sonny Boy Williamson’s repertoire that Riccardo took in a more intimate dimension: the song features vocals, harmonica and a misterious percussive sound only. All of them played by Riccardo.

Closing the album there is a real “lock down” testimony, in fact Til The Money Runs Out (written by Tom Waits’ – one of Riccardo’s heroes) was recorded with Flavio (as guitarist and bassist on this take) and Cristian Cecchetto (on drums), when the lock down was going on. This song is now part of the band’s live set.

With some shows in the calendar and the booking process active, Riccardo Grosso is looking forward to tour again in 2022 and he is cooking some new flavor for the band’s fans already.

The album is going to be available on band’s website www.rgband.com as CD and download and at the concerts.