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On The Road! Riccardo Grosso Blues Band is back

From August 2022 we are slowly but steady coming back on the road to perform live. As you know we love you perform for you: anywhere and with a quality level above a threshold. One of Riccardo’s main trait is not to be in need of spotlight at all costs. That’s something that is shared in the band where the Music, the Blues, is the protagonist.

As Luther Allison said: “Leave your ego, play the music, love the people”. We love to see you all happy because of the music, where are there for YOU, trying to healing your soul having you diving into a good time. While all this happen, let us enjoying the good time too (something we actually DO when performing).

So, on the map, now, we have Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark and more offers are coming in, so as soon as we book something, we update the show calendar that you can find here.

One of the great news about coming back on the road and seeing your smiling faces is Riccardo Grosso Blues Band has now working with the booking agency “JH Blues Vibrations“, for the booking in Germany and Switzerland they are the people to talk to. You are going to deal with professionals and real Blues music lovers.

“While writing this I’ve answered a call by a guy I’ve met on the road asking me: ‘when are you coming back to play in town?‘. I’m dealing with these requests on regulalr basis. The answer I give is more or less the same: ‘if you know some place that would host us, let me know. If you know some festival that would host us, let me know. I’m contacting them or you can be the middleman”. Or you can contact our new booking agency too, if you are in Germany or Switzerland: JH Blues Vibrations. Check about this on our contact page.

We love to be asked about “coming to your town”. We try to make it happen from Italy, we are going to be there soon.” – RG


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Reviews For The Road And The Room

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s last album has been published on November 15, 2021. Nobody was expecting a new album going through the pandemic, but Riccardo is known to always do things his own ways. One of the quotes you could relate him more comes from one of Grosso’s heroes, Tom Waits. It goes: “I would rather be a failure on my own terms than a success on someone else’s“.

After all who had time to think about music, about putting together a new album, mixing it, master it and insert a couple of gems into it, while doing all the work? Yes, this band of yours. “The Road And The Room” is like a child born under a bad moon rising. Could be trouble or could be amazing.

“The Road And The Room” is keeping on getting great feedbacks since it was published and then reviewed by Charlie Musselwhite and Rob Paparozzi. It has been played and on rotation in several radios all around the world and in different music magazines from different countries all around the Continent.

While you can get all the links to the original reviews going to the PRESS PAGE we want to list here some highlights taken from some reviews of the album and translated in English:

  • The Road And The Room works great!” – Rocknation (IT)
  • They hit you when they play…” – Roots Times (BE)
  • As for me, I just want as many people as possible to listen to and take this album, which you just need to have in your collections.” – Soundguardian (HR)
  • An amazing feeling that will go deep in the heart and spirit of every listener” – La Hora Del Blues (ES)
  • “Riccardo’s playing is savvy and intense, but never ”over the top”, his singing fervently. Finally, Flavio Paludetti has a special twist on the guitar. He does not only skilfully plays his band leader, but also knows how to solo in a varied way” – Jazz N More (CH)

From Italy to Belgium, from Spain to Switzerland and Croatia (just to cite the latest countries where they wrote a review) “The Road And The Room” sounds like something you would have in your collection. And you can have itas CD or as MP3, or both.

So, if you are intrigued by the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band’s latest work, you can find out more clicking HERE.

Rob Paparozzi Reviews “The Road And The Room”

It was with great pleasure and astonishment for the great, great words that Rob Paparozzi spent for “The Road And The Room” that I’m happy to share this review to you.

“Here you go bro, really fantastic job, 1st class and cool selection of Music… feel free to use some or all of my review…..

I just finished listening to the newest CD from The Riccardo Grosso Blues Band title “The Road and the Room”. The recording was put together very uniquely before and during the Pandemic as a labor of love for the Blues.

To start the record Grosso uses a highly energetic and soulful “live” recording of 6 Blues Tunes with original arrangements and a killer band. There is a wide eclectic variety of tunes on this LP from Willie Dixon and Slim Harpo and Sonny Boy Williamson 2 and also deeply grooved “Double Trouble” by Otis Rush which kicks the Project off. I especially loved the funky arrangement of Chuck Berry’s lesser known gem “Nadine”. Grosso’s reading of Charlie Musselwhite’s “Feel it in Your Heart” leaves you imagining your sitting in a Brazilian Blues Bar, really nice addition to this diverse CD of Blues grooves. But each tune whether it’s a nod to Kim Wilson, Jerry McCain or Little Walter has Grosso’s Original stamp on it with soulful vocals and masterful Harmonica playing. He never copies riffs on his harp but rather builds and expands on the the Masters who came before him.

Kudos to Riccardo who pulled up his sleeves and keep working hard during the Pandemic – Recording, Mixing and Producing from his home to bring his fans a new product. A real first class production. The backend of this project closes with two new recordings both Solo and with top notch band. Trust me you’ve never heard Rice Miller’s “Fattening Frogs for Snakes” done so creatively with a post pandemic message. Finally, to end with a Tom Waits song is the Perfect conclusion to a might fine project. Flavio Paludetti’s Guitar Solo on this song is superb and on the Money!

Grosso’s hi level harp playing through out the whole CD is dripping with Soul and originality but always paying respect to his mentors.

So tune in and turn on the new CD from the RG Blues Band, trust me you will NOT be disappointed!

Rob Paparozzi”



You can click on the image above to see the original email.

I’ve met Rob at SPAH Convention in St.Louis, Missouri back in 2008, we were introduced to each other by Charlie Musselwhite. We met again in 2019, after eleven years, to play “Sweet Home Chicago” with the Original Blues Brothers Band. We worked together in a nice masterclass about “Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica” on Zoom, when everybody was locked down, that I’ve organized, but honestly when a heavyweight musician spends great words like the ones you’ve been reading for the music I do, it always

Riccardo’s Interview on Greek Blues Website

Riccardo has been interviewed on Blues.gr – the Greek website about the Blues. Micheal Limnions asked few questions about Riccardo’s career, music philosphy, stories and his creative drive.

You can read the interview here: http://blues.gr/profiles/blogs/q-a-with-italian-blues-musician-riccardo-grosso


The interview has been done following the press-release about “The Road And The Room”, the new album that you can order here:



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The Road And The Room

“The Road And The Room” – new album out on December 15th

Riccardo Grosso’s “The Road And The Room” is a triple treat album for Blues lovers.



December 15th, 2021 is the release date set for “The Road And The Room” the new post-covid album by Riccardo Grosso and his Blues Band. Surviving an abruptlstop with a calendar filled with gigs all around Europe, Grosso and the band stayed silent, calm and armed themselves with patience.

But that does not mean they weren’t active: Riccardo started to dig in the audio files of the band’s live concerts tracked before the lock down and found some music and tracks that once together, made it to a live session of 6 tunes. Adding a couple of studio works, he decided it was worth publishing for Blues lovers and music aficionados.

So this is a three part CD: the first is played live with Flavio Paludetti on guitar and the former rhythm section (Cocco Marinoni on bass and Federico Patarnello on drums). This is a selection about what the band does when performing on stage: there are different grooves, atmospheres and energy all of them coming from the same live show.

Then you get as deep in the Blues as it gets, with “Fattening Frogs For Snakes” from Sonny Boy Williamson’s repertoire that Riccardo took in a more intimate dimension: the song features vocals, harmonica and a misterious percussive sound only. All of them played by Riccardo.

Closing the album there is a real “lock down” testimony, in fact Til The Money Runs Out (written by Tom Waits’ – one of Riccardo’s heroes) was recorded with Flavio (as guitarist and bassist on this take) and Cristian Cecchetto (on drums), when the lock down was going on. This song is now part of the band’s live set.

With some shows in the calendar and the booking process active, Riccardo Grosso is looking forward to tour again in 2022 and he is cooking some new flavor for the band’s fans already.

The album is going to be available on band’s website www.rgband.com as CD and download and at the concerts.

Finally the band is back!

Finally the band is back. We are back on the road, folks, and of course we are happy. And renewed.

Covid took its toll and we had to make some change and be ready to get back on the road, the same good hearted music, just different guys playing it. New taste, new ideas, same spirit about grooving and seeing you dancing.

While now it’s time to clean the rust and dust and shine our shoes, we are happy to tell you our friends at Jerry Ricks’ Blues Festival booked us for July 28th in Klana, Croatia.

Riccardo Grosso is going to sing and blow some fiery harmonica for you, with Flavio Paludetti on guitar – long time partner in crime…ehm music – Andrea D’Ostuni is back on drums and featuring Stanley Sargeant on bass.

If you want to know more about Stan check his website: https://stansargeant.com and if you want to know more about Jerry Ricks Blues Festival check their website http://jrbluesfest.com/en/

We can’t wait to play some Blues for you in Klana and hear the opening act: our friend Riccardo Staraj with Marko Sedlak playing together as duo!


Covid is f***ing with Live Music Again.

Not that it never stopped, but it doesn’t seem to leave music alone. F****** Covid seems to be here to stay a little longer than planned and today is a whole year gone by with this new thing around.

Guys at Austrian Bluesharp Meeting tried their best to organize and run this year event, but they had to post-pone it due to this sticky virus and regulamentation for our and your health.

So we got a new date, for 2022. But we ain’t telling you nothing yet, this time we are trying to be superstitious…you never know.

We are lucky: every single one of us is doing good even during these pandemic times and we are busy. There’s a new tune ready to be published and we are rough mixing some ideas…we have to do that with a “smart working” attitude. Working and playing at distance, from our homes and send the stems to be mixed.

Mind we are sparse around North Italy: Riccardo is living in Liguria, Max is in Treviso, Flavio in Udine and Andrea in Trieste. So we pretty cover the whole North Italy, but that means we have to deal with technology to make music. A new challenge we are happy to face and to work with.

This time we want you to stay healthy, positive (no pun intended) and with high vibes…don’t feel alone, don’t feel forgotten and don’t dare to try to do stupid things. Keep on keepin’ on and if you feel like you need some lovin’ drop us a line…we are here to heal your soul even if we are not playing music!

With love,
Riccardo & Riccardo Grosso Blues Band

Gibson Creek Shuffle is finally online!

Hello you all and how you been?

This pandemic won’t leave us alone and we are hoping you are staying safe and healthy. Remeber to wear the mask and to be smart, because if you don’t you are not going to get any live music anytime soon!

To shoote your souls and live music needs we are showing you our take on the marvellous tune written back in 1972 – ten years before Riccardo would born – by Robben Ford (guitar), Mark Ford (harmonica), Patrick Ford (drums) and Stanley Poplin (bass) – titled Gibson Creek Shuffle.

We put our hands on it, written some arrangment and played as ballsy as we could, live, on stage. We were really lucky to have a marvellous team shooting this live and we really hope you dig it.



We aim to be back in April, in Austria. We will see if that’s gonna happen.



To Mask Or Not To Mask

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

Dear friends and fans,

it is madness but it is nobody faults. We were ready to rehearsal new songs, new sounds and ready to get on the road heading Slovenia and Croatia.

We are not making it this year. The elephant in the room is called “Covid 19” as we all know and it is keep on taking its live music toll too.

We got an email yesterday from Slovenia where they are telling us the government put more restriction to avoid groups of people standing close and spreading the virus again, due to a rising of infected people there.

We talked to the team at Jerry Rick’s Blues Festival – it should have been Riccardo’s third year in a row as performing artist. For everybody’s safety and health we decided it is wiser to reschedule our gig for 2021. Yes, we are positive (no pun intended) about next year: the coronavirus will be gone.

In the meantime we feel really sorry to not be able to see you all again, this summer, smiling, enjoying the music, dancing, drinking and…

We are all together into this and we will be back at our regular life sooner than soon!

Let’s stay in touch.



To Mask Or Not To Mask



PS: let’s face it. It’s impossible to play harmonica through a mask. And we aren’t risking your health to perform one show more to satisfy the ego.

We love you all, and we know you feel it. – RG

Izola and Bresc 2020 live

Izola, Slovenia and Bresc, Croatia. Next shows in three weeks

Izola, in Slovenia, and Bresc, in Croatia, are going to be the town hosting our comeback after the pandemic stop we all experienced.


Slovenia and Croatia has always been very welcoming to the Riccardo Grosso Blues Band and this time we have some new cards in our deck to surprise you with.

First of all we have some new songs for you, one you may have heard and seen before floating around the web since they quarantined us. It’s a song by one of my heroes (Riccardo is writing here) – Tom Waits – and it’s titled “Til The Money Runs Out” where we had fun to push it into the Howlin’ Wolf area as much as possible…

And second, we are going to have two new members in our team: Marzio Tomada on bass (and maybe upright bass too, who knows?) and Cristian Cecchetto on drums.

If you come to see us I promise you are going to love them.

Mark the dates, then:

July 24th – Friday: Hangar Bar, Izola, SLO
July 25h – Saturday: Jerry Ricks Blues Festival, Bresc, HR


And in the meantime, enjoy this tune… 😉